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Karen Hunter
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Dr. Peter J. Delfyett
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Dr. Aristotle Winger
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Clarencia shade
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Black accountants, and experts in mathematics, statistics, and more.

Experts on advertising, public relations, marketing, branding, and more.

Arts and Crafts
Artists, interior designers and experts in crafting, home decor, and more.

African American business experts on entrepreneurship, management, grant writing, raising capital, and more.

Culinary Arts/Food
African American chefs, culinary experts, and more.

Diversity/Race Relations
African American diversity experts, diversity consultants, and diversity speakers.

African American experts on education, college, scholarships, financial aid, and jobs.

Environmental Science
African American life scientists, environmentalists, biologists, etc.

African American life coaches and counselors on family relations, dating, marriage, sex, and more.

African American filmmakers, photographers, videographers, and other media experts.

African American experts on wealth management, real estate wealth, investing, retirement, etc.

African American doctors, physicians and health experts on nutrition, dieting, fitness, weight loss, healthcare and more.

Hip-Hop Culture
African American experts and speakers on Hip-Hop and its worldwide influential culture.

Law Enforcement
Experts on police policies/procedures, case consulting, and litigation matters.

Black lawyers, attorneys, judges and other experts on legal matters (ie. paralegals, etc.)

African American motivational speakers, life coaches, and inspirational teachers.

African American choir directors, musicians, teachers, and professors of music.

African American experts and commentators on politics and political issues.

African American psychologists, therapists, educators, and experts on mental health.

African American experts on self-publishing, writing, printing, and marketing books and ebooks.

Social Services
African American social services experts and consultants for child abuse, child neglect, welfare, poverty, etc.

Special Events
African American experts at special events, party planning, collaboration, team building and more.

African American experts on computers, Internet security, web site architecture, and more.

African American experts on public transportation policy, legislation, and infrastructure.

Urban Issues/Public Policy
African American experts and analysts on community relations, public policy and urban development.

Women's Empowerment
African American women speakers and experts on domestic violence, gender equality, etc.

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Featured Profiles

Karen Hunter
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Dr. Aristotle Winger
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Dr. Peter J. Delfyett
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Clarencia shade
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The people listed on our web site are individuals with knowledge, experience, and expertise. Their specialization varies from health to technology to business. They are:

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Our site is free to use as a directory. There is no cost at all to search through our profiles, and get in touch with the individuals listed on our web site. However, those who are interested in listing their profiles are required to pay a small flat annual fee.